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United Airlines

United Airlines, shortened as UA, is a major U.S. carrier with hubs in Willis Towers, Chicago, Illinois, USA. United Airlines is in the league with three large U.S. airlines, including American Airlines and Delta Airlines. The Chicago luxury airline provides domestic and international air service to 367 destinations in the United States and 61 countries around the world, with an emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region.

The airline was first founded in 1926 and served under the name Varney Airlines (VAL), eventually renamed Boeing Air Transport in 1927 after being purchased by Boeing and eventually renamed United Airlines, Inc. in 1931.

Travel Class

United Airlines travel categories include Global First, United Business First, Economy Plus and United Economy.

Global First

Global First is the brand name for the first class in the United States. Global First passengers can make use of benefits such as United First Lounge entry at chosen airports, three-course gourmet meals with free beer, in-seat TV screens and spacious lying-flat seating at no extra expense.

United Business First

United Business First is the brand name of the United Business Class, it provides exactly the same benefits as Global First, but the key difference is that travellers travelling on United Business First do not have access to United First Lounge at selected airports. The all-inclusive fare of the United Business Class on long-haul flights includes unlimited food and free alcoholic drinks, on-site TV shows and spacious flat-screen seating.

United Economy

United Economy is the market name for the standard economy class in the United States, giving absolute value for money to travellers travelling in this class. The all-inclusive fare of United Economy class seats on long-haul flights to - includes fares such as unlimited meals along with free alcoholic drinks and on-site entertainment televisions. The seating in the United Economy are 17.3 inches wide and 31 inches wide.

United Economy Plus

United Economy Plus is the market name for the United Luxury Economy class, giving more or less the same features as the United Economy class with the additional bonus of an extra legroom area of six inches for air travel. The seats in United Economy Plus are 17.3 inches wide and 37 inches wide.

United Airlines' Luggage Rule

- United luggage allocation varies based on fare classes, flight cabins, routes and itineraries.

- United Airlines requires 1 carry-on luggage and 1 personal piece, such as a phone, wallet or handbag, at no extra expense. The overall capacity of a carry-on bag is 45 inches of linear length (22 + 14 + 9) with handles and spokes.

- However, you can incur certain baggage charges for checked baggage/holding luggage. The airline's baggage policy requires a limit of 2 pieces of luggage to be checked in; the first is free and the second is priced at USD 100. The maximum size and weight allowed for each checked baggage is 62 inches (length + width + height) and 23 kg, respectively.

Web Check-In

United Airlines allows travellers to check-in on its official website 24 hours prior to their scheduled flight departures in order to prevent long waits at the airport check-in counters.

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